Monday, 2 June 2008


Ah! I've waited for this to be re-issued for years. I initially bought this when it first came out and has been one of my faves since. It amazes me how much HDQ progressed and changed during their existence, from a standard Brit punk band to one that soared and wrote some of my favourite songs ever. They took a melodic Dagnasty vibe and injected their own personalities into it and improved on this. Fanstics melodies, awesome vocals and heart moving personal lyrics. I have to say that "Within These Four Walls" is outstanding, especially when you hear the older version on here from the 'Life Is ...' cassette - just so much better. Golly's vocals totally made that song. Along with the 'Sinking' LP is their first Peel Session and the 'Life Is' cassette (which was released by BBP. I have everything by HDQ, up to and including the 'Sinking' LP. Luckily I aslo got to see them when they played in Belfast in January 1989, what a show that was. This package includes loads of photos, gig flyers, lyrics, discography info and an intro written by their bass player Rob Bewick. If you are going to buy anthing this year - make sure it's this as HDQ continue to move me.

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