Monday, 2 June 2008



This is actually the only HDQ LP that I don't have, how/why I never bought it when it came out remains a mystery to me. So with that, this was an eye opening trip for me. As through out their existence, they've continued to progress and add another twist to their already varied sound. They definitely matured and slowed down, adding at times, a bit more rock to the proceedings. Side by side is their all out, up beat catchy melodic hardcore and soothing acoustic meanderings. At times it feels like a completely different band, well Golly and Dickie being the stalwarts from the 'You Suck' days. Along with this is the rejected mix of the 'Sinking', with original drummer Lainey in the hot seat, it's actually faster than the final release and some of the songs sound quite different. It's amazing how songs can change slightly if recorded at different periods and in different studios. Also included is their second Peel session and a live song "In My Thoughts" (which they never got to record in the studio). The booklet is full of more photos etc and it's an excellent companion to the recently released 'Sinking' CD.

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