Thursday, 6 March 2008


Tortured dual male/female vocals, from this CT band, taking off where they left off on the LP. The songs on this are due to appear on two 7"s, but were not ready for their tour - hence this CD. They've since got Matt on guitar and have certainly got harder and faster. 8 songs of blistering crustcore/d-beat mayhem, that are top notch in their execution and recording quality. All played at an adrenalin drenched fastish pace, with plenty of slow harrowing heavy breakdowns which soon pick up the gaunlet and kick into gear again. The dual vocals suit the mood and have a real early ENT vibe, coupled with a STATE OF FEAR, WARTORN, classic Swedish sound and a pissed off fury that throws caution to the wind and gives us some truely impressive songs that are easily part of the forefront of amazing bands existing today. Topics such as abortion, immigration, mental illness, poseur punks (who aren't worth the patches on their clothes) and many more suffer the onslaught that is MAN THE CONVEYORS, ripping them apart in a poetic and passionate venom spat fury that cries of injustice. Suitably angry artwork accompanies their words, driving their message home even further. Released my their guitarist Matt and you really need to get this as I've been listening to it constantly.
VEX PO BOX 1271 NEW HAVEN, CT.06505-1271, USA.


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