Wednesday, 21 November 2007


A cold wind blows, dark empty streets - flickering lights, today's news already blowing amongst the rubbish - now forgotten and resigned to the past. A town in any country, dark, lonely, void of feelings - be it love or humanity. Everyday life is no longer restricted to nightmares or horror novels. The anti-dote to this ragged world is the thundering charge that is HELLSHOCK.
Slowly, but surely, breaking and entering your subconscious determinded to revive you from your living nightmare.
'Shadow Of The Afterworld' is a stunning masterpiece of modern crust at it's best. Awesome recording and song quality from all those involved - the combined cv of these guys proves they know what they are doing and they do it well. For the most part it is medium paced, that alternates between fast and slow - conjuring up many a mood, atmosphere and feeling. Mettalic riffage is the order of the day, big rhythmic bass licks and guttural vox and industrial strength drumming pounding away.
'A Fathom Unknown' has a great intro, very soft and melancholy. But rips into the a burst of crust that they are well known for. 'No Dawn In Sight' has a perfect mix of AMEBIX and DISCHARGE - fast and awesome.
From the home of modern d-beat/crust, that is Portland, HELLSHOCK have been around for a few years. In the time they have perfected an already brutal sound and ooze so much energy. They have already gathered a legion of fans worldwide, drapped in filthy black clothes and hearts of gold. If you already love AMEBIX, DEVIATED INSTINCT, DISCHARGE, AXEGRINDER, CRUCIFIX, MOTORHEAD, then add HELLSHOCK to your list of must haves.
Really excellent front cover, looks like a Mid piece, graphics etc.
Where dispensible lives are ruled by consumer greed - WELCOME TO THE VOID.
$9.00 ppd USA and $14.00 ppd world.

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