Monday, 5 November 2007



Pure excitement, joy and glee errupted from me when I opened the packed and set eyes on this baby. I already have their 'Nuclear Accidents' CD and it has done some serious mileage on my CD player, this new one will definitely go down the same road. So in case you don't know, this band's CV boasts some og the greatest bands ever to exist: HERESY, FORCE FED, HARD TO SWALLOW, JOHN HOLMES etc, there's more pedigree in there than any old can of dog food. AND IT SHOWS. 10 songs of some best songs currently being put out under the guise of hardcore. Pure adrenalin induced, no frills, incendiary hardcore - made by the kids - played by these old fucks (ha, ha). Ripping 80's styled hardcore, done by 80's kids - yeah, they were there, they played it - christ they invented some of the best riffage from that time. This just makes me want to go completely nuts, it's amazing and I have to keep playing it again and again - that's what a good hardcore record is all about. As with their name they have a mean average of probably 200, so it's OLD-FA(S)T-LOUD! They are old, angry and jaded, but unlike a lot of the fuckers from back then - these guys are still hardcore and they have survived, albeit humour intact. A life half over and if we are lucky, we'll get plenty more from them before they kick the bucket. If you dig HERESY, POISON IDEA, FIX, NECROS, MOB 47, early GANG GREEN etc, then you will want this - it shreds. Also available on vinyl too.


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Hey Mel, got a copy of PE, great to see you writing for it, looking forward to more Sean (protestzine)