Monday, 23 March 2009



Back in the late 80’s, from the ashes of Stalag 17, rose F.U.A.L. who set alight the stagnant Northern Irish scene with their blend of tuneful and uncompromising full on punk. This release compiles their self released ‘Veganic Wind’ (a Warzone jobby of course) and their self titled LP on Meantime Records. A mixture of fast, melodic and skanky beats, with passionate female vocals which stand out amongst a sea of macho insecurities, that was rife the world over. Lyrics that reflected the struggle and strife that was life (or the so called excuse for life) over here that was prevalent in the 1980’s. Amongst the almost feeling of being suffocated by so many strands of society, F.U.A.L. offered hope for the ordinary person, the belief to stand up for themselves, make their own society and not get drawn into the web of bigotry that clouded so much of life over here. A remake of the old Stalag 17 song “And The Birdie Said” is as wonderful as ever. “Suffer The Children” still creates a knot in my chest, as it still happens throughout the world. I shook many a fist and danced a drunken jig at loads of their gigs back in the day. Lots of good memories have been awoke from the slumber of times gone by with the release of this wonderful CD. Hopefully it will do the same for you and if you are new to them, I hope it gives you the same thrill that they gave me back in the day.


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