Monday, 11 February 2008



Although I did not know what to expect, I certainly did not expect this. This is the equilavent of your life's emotions compressed into 12 songs. The highs and lows are captured here in the form of LIFE LONG TRAGEDY's enchanting new CD called 'Runaways'. It's full to the brim with hook filled abrasive, yet sad melodies that capture the mood - whatever the feeling. Songs that have a lot of effort put into them with fantastic guitar work, it's a combination of riffs so soft - coupled with harsher undertones. The dual guitar attack feed of eachother and seriously impress the hell out of me. Runaways is one of those releases, that with the more you play it, the more you uncover things you did not notice in the previous listen. So it's exciting and thrilling, which makes me want to play it again and again - I know I'll be playing it for years to come. Harsh sung vocals, creeping into the songs - only add a more humane feeling and compel the listener to sing along and rock out at the same time. Angst ridden lyrics of a sensitive, yet assertive front man. It took a year to complete this and it has paid off. I can see this being the sound track for many a soul during the course of this year.



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Anonymous said...

This cd's was differnt than last time.. but i still love them.. shit.. hope someday LLT gonna visit S.E.ASIA.